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Top 9 Best SEO Tools Reviewed by Users


Like it or not, we have to admit that Google is the main source that brought traffic for the most online stores.

Despite of the great changes happened in search engine algorithms, which put content at the head of ranking elements, we still can’t deny the role of cognitive SEO for our success.

But, owing to the complicated technical aspect of SEO, we need a valuable and powerful SEO software to track all facets of our search engine optimization strategy. In order to discover the best custom SEO software suite we have done some research and the result is a list of 9 best tools, based on multiple blog posts and user reviews.

In the following part, we will give you a brief overview of 9 most mentioned online SEO tools:

1. ahrefs

Ahrefs is not just by itself. It combines several software tools, but most of them analyze site links and show them in a user friendly manner. Most users consider that their base of links is one of the biggest in the segment and suppose it to be the most frequently updated.

The main tool, provided by the company, Site Explorer offers a wide range of site related information, including the top content analysis, inbound and outgoing links, broken links, etc.

In addition, ahrefs also offers:

  • Domain comparisons by different parameters;
  • Crawl reports, which present sites as if through the eyes of search engine crawlers.

2. Cognitive SEO

Started in 2010 by Razvan Gavrilas, Cognitive SEO is now among the most popular marketing and SEO tools. The professional version of this toolset is $99 per month, while the most expensive plan starts from $999 per month.

Cognitive SEO software also provides tools for the analysis of backlinks, but the scale of services is a bit wider than ahrefs has. Additionally it tracks your keyword ranks and monitors your visibility in social media

Here are some outstanding features that company highlights:

  • user-friendly and informative dashboard
  • backlink analysis,
  • rank tracker…

3. Google Analytics

According to W3techs.com, Google Analytics is used by 50.4% of all websites all over the world. It’s possibly the most famous analytical tool online

It only can be said that it covers almost website statistics, even little or less important ones like: detailed audience overiews, traffic sources, onsite behavior, and conversion descriptions…

In particular, it can be easily integrated with Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools, which help users track their PPC advertising and referral keywords via single dashboard.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is an online service providing the information in relation with the frequency of  people who enter certain search terms in Google compared to its maximal historical performance.

Google trends allows users to sort results by different field like:  countries and cities, date ranges, subject categories, and kinds of searches or compare several keywords by their popularity in Google.

The most important advantage of this service for SEO is that it shows the change of popularity of one or another search term over time. From that we can estimate the potential of any keyword in the nearest future depending on its current high or low position.

5. Majestic

Majestic positions itself as the world’s biggest link index base, because of its 2,844,485,039,149 found URLs in Historic Index.

The service provides wide range of valuable tools: Site Explorer, Search Explorer, Webmaster Tools, Link Map Tools, and two plugins for Firefox and Chrome.

Site Explorer provides the information regarding backlinks of certain sites. It does not only show the number of referring links, domains or IPs, but also provides backlink history charts, and backlinks breakdown by anchors or other types of backlinks.

Plus, Site Explorer provides several own metrics – Trust Flow and Citation Flow, that can reflect the volume of clicks from trusted sites and the number of citations to a given URL or domain, accordingly.

Search Explorer discovers most relevant sites to certain keywords, so you can use it for the competitive analysis, as well.

The Link Map Tools set by Majestic even offers five more great tools:

  • Bulk Backlinks;
  • Keyword Checker;
  • Neighborhood Checker;
  • Link Profile Fight;
  • URL Submitter.

6. MOZ

Being one of the most respectable online marketing companies with slogan is “Making the Web a Better Place”, MOZ is Launched in 2004 as a consulting firm in 2008 it shifted towards software development and now joins more than one million digital marketers worldwide.

Its toolset includes both paid and free tools aiming to improve your organic traffic, keywords rankings, and search visibility.

Available by the subscription Moz tools:

  • MOZ Analytics;
  • Fresh Web Explorer;
  • Rank Tracker;
  • On-Page Grader;
  • Keyword Difficulty;
  • Crawl Test.

Free Moz tools:

  • Open Site Explorer; (is one of freely offered tools aiming to identify content and link building opportunities)
  • Followerwonk;
  • MozBar;
  • Moz Local;
  • MozCast.

7. Open Site Explorer

It’s a robust SEO tool which provides you with the ability to access to the SEO targeted information regarding any site. By using it you can analyze inbound links, linking domains, web site top pages, anchor texts, compare link metrics, look for link opportunities, etc.

8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is desktop software for the local installation, which provides multiple site related data. The main collected parameters are:

  • Errors, including broken links & server errors;
  • Redirects;
  • External links and their statuses;
  • Duplicated pages;
  • Titles, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, H1, H2, etc.
  • Image links;
  • Inbound links;
  • Anchor texts;
  • etc.

9. SEMRush

SEMRush is sophisticated SEO software comprising several very useful and powerful analytical tools for SEM and SEO professionals, and marketers. In particular, it provides the domain vs. domain comparative analysis, charts, position tracking, keywords difficulty analysis, and site audits.

SEMRush is perfectly suitable for the competition analysis and offers a wealth of information regarding one or another domain. It tracks your traffic, organic and ads keywords, main competitors by keywords in organic search and advertisings, competitors in display advertising, backlinks, keyword suggestions, etc.

Payment Options Comparison

These 9 tools above are provided both on paid and free condition. The table below will show you various options for your consideration.

Table 1. Best SEO Tool Payment Options



After reading the summary of best SEO tools you can see that on the one hand they have common main functionality, but in the other hand their functionality scope is different. Despite all of that they are still the most mentioned tools online and appreciated by most users. By taking advantage of the strength of each tools depending on your purpose of use, you can certainly obtain a powerful SEO suite and improve your rankings.

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