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The Web Design Trends Will Evolve in 2016

Design principles are timeless, but the past few years have been amazing for great design. More organizations are beginning to value design as a competitive advantage. A cohesive design strategy moves beyond just the web and print, as it expands to mobile and other platforms. The best design trends will continue, but we’ll also start to see more innovate new ideas appear.

# The rise of Flat design


Flat design has been with us for a few years now, but it is continously evolving towards its ideal form. The continued expansion of devices and screen sizes means that the principle of flat design is not going away anytime soon. It may look a bit different every year, but the core reason of its existence will persist.

# Background + Fullscreen videos


The perfect background video automatically elevates the perceived quality of a website. As internet speeds increase across the world and designers learn how to best use video to support and not distract from the content, we can expect to see video continue to play an important role in desgins.

# Mobile Apps & Social sites will dominate


Mobile apps are not going away, and designers are getting better at designing them. Mobile device use is increasing and expanding to other types of platforms such as the Apple Watch and smart TV devices. The social element is tightly integrated with these apps and will continue its important role.

# Responsive design with better performance


The life of a designer becomes more complicated as users move increasingly to multiple devices. Resposive design is the answer when designing for the web. Responsive has already become the standard, but it will continue to infiltrate across the web as old websites are redesigned.

# Correct Typography fit the theme


The availability of typefaces continues to expand, making choosing the right font harder for designers. As designers are improving all aspects of their designs, including typography, we’ll see adhering to sound typographical principle become even more important.

# Increased minimalism stripping it back


Hand in hand with responsive design and flat design is increased minimalism. As the web becomes more complicated, minimalism is much more attractive. As the influence of user experience and conversion rate experts increases as well, we’ll see more data supporting stripping back designs to essentials.

# Storytelling designing personality


The content deluge means that many web users are getting “content blindness” as they did with “ad blindness”. Only the best content and design win stand out. As old as humankind itself, engaging and emotional stories that utilize great design and content formats will stand out in 2016 and beyond.

# Card based interface design


Card-based interfaces are on the rise. Pinterest and Microsoft put them on the map, but many other designers are beginning to see the appeal more and more. Cards better way to present lots of information to the user, and are good replacement for older elements such as sliders.


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