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What is the expression of the e-commerce trend in 2019?

Although big companies on phones are getting down on the market and the revenue, habits of using the phones of individuals are still increasing. The digital economy continues to grow with the emergence of new e-commerce websites, new electronic payment methods, and new transportation technology. So what is the expression of the e-commerce trend in 2019?


The development of the new e-commerce market

We have known some famous e-commerce such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. they are increasingly valuable and make many other companies have to invest in this market as Walmart. previously, customers will go to the store, watch products and buy them. But now, they can buy at home with their smartphones.

everyone can pay not by cash.

Now, many banks and Smartphone Companies have electronic payment technology. Their customers can buy some products by electronic wallets at a cheaper price.

The phone becomes an indispensable tool

Smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper so everyone can own them. People also watch phones and use them as a tool to update information on a daily basis. they study, work, entertain right on the phone. so transactions on the phone become more and more popular. So every e-commerce web must be able responsive on the phone.

VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) will popular on e-commerce

We can Promotion, ad, and Marketing our products by virtual reality and Augmented reality. With the development of technology, people can visit a House without having to go there by Virtual reality. Or, they can try new clothes at their home by Augmented reality. Companies can use these new technologies to attract customers to them.


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