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What You Shoud DO And DON’T With Your Magento Themes


With Magento, using Magento themes will help you have a beautiful website interface without the need of design a new interface for your website. It will save for you a lot of time and effort to create a new website design. In the marketplace, have a lot of Magento themes which designed for multiple purposes and for different types of websites.

Along with the development of technology, the Magento developers have provided a lot of nice themes for Magento; almost of them will allow you to customize according to your own needs. However, there are some things that you need to pay attention when using a Magento theme. Here are the things that you should DO and DON’T with your Magento themes.

DO choose a theme which most suitable for your site/purpose

There are many Magento themes out there. Some of them are designed for extremely specific industries while others are more blank-canvas types. Choosing the suitable theme for your brand, it’s very important. There are a few crucial things that you should consider when choosing a theme.

  1. Choose a theme which should be matching your requirements.
  2. Make higher priority for a responsive theme.
  3. Choose the Magento theme which you can customize

For more info: Choosing Magento Theme: Easy or Not?

DON’T use the theme if you can’t customize it

Absolutely that you can’t find a theme on the marketplace which can perfectly fit your website right after installing it. Therefore, make sure that the theme you choose can be easily customized. This probably is not important if you have skill and knowledge about web developer, but if you are a normal user, this is the important one.

DO create a child theme

While you create contents for different pages on your site, you will need to create a child theme for that. After you creating a child theme, let’s edit the CSS file and do any other customization to create a page which matches your needs.

DON’T edit the core files

Yes, it’s really important, do not try to touch or edit any core files if you don’t want your site crashed.

DO customize the CSS and layout files

To create a unique design for your site, customize/edit the CSS is a good way and it will be your most powerful tool to creating your website your own. To do this, you’ll need a knowledge of HTML / CSS and have a thing that you should consider when editing CSS is let’s make sure you can understand the theme’s current layout styles and understand how the layout works.

DON’T ignore the theme’s built-in capabilities

For a normal commercial Magento theme, it often has style options in the admin that can help get you off to an easier start. For example, most of the themes are allowed to choose a layout style and general color theme.

Make sure you explore these options before customizing but don’t feel constricted by them. You must take care to read all of the documentation regarding your theme because some of them include lots of great built-in CMS blocks and layout styles that you can utilize.

If you don’t want to depend too much on your theme’s built-in styles, layouts, and functionality, you also don’t want to waste time building a responsive layout or adding a CMS block or rearranging the header when that work has already been done for you.

DO enhance your theme by installing additional functionality with add-ons and extensions

For Magento as well as other open source, using extensions / plugins to add or upgrade the features of the website is a necessary thing. The default features of Magento would be insufficient to be able to meet all demands of your site. With each type of site and each purpose, you will need to have special features for that. Using Magento extensions is the best way to build a website with powerful features.

Example: for printing website, some extensions which very useful like: Magento Order Upload ExtensionMagento Color Swatch Extension, etc… For online fashion store, you should need the help of One Step Checkout ExtensionDelivery Date Extension, etc. You can find more Magento Extensions HERE.

DON’T ignore Magento’s built-in features

Normally, besides bringing to you a beautiful interface design, the Magento themes also provide you some features that were integrated into theme. These are additional features comes to help theme / your site can work with the highest performance. So, do not forget to use the built-in features.

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