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When you should choose Magento?

When Magento is the right fit for your eCommerce site
When Magento is the right fit for your eCommerce site

When you’re choosing a new cart from a reap LAT form or when you’re starting a new online business. Picking the right cart is extremely important. Obviously it’s costly to re-platform or to build a custom site. So you’re going to be in bed with that platform at least a year, two years, three years,… to makes sense financially to reap lat form again.

What’s unique about your online business.


Magento it’s highly customizable. Sky’s the limit on what you can make it do. Hosted software as a service card like BigCommerce the 3d card because they’re low cost, fast to set up and they come with a lot of bells and whistles that Believe it not out-of-the-box. Magento doesn’t even come with.

When you’re thinking about what cart you’re going to platform on. You really need to think about which features that you’re going to need and whether or not big commerce or 3d cart might fit those and be what you need.  You don’t want to buy a Cadillac when a Toyota will do. So to keep the cost low you really want to think about what’s unique about your online business.

  • Extremely unique and customizable products?
  • Complex shipping and fulfillment requirements?
  • Need to integrate with some sort of in-house inventory system or CRM solution?

Those are things that you can look at the feature sets of big commerce or 3D cart. Then figure out whether or not you’re gonna fit inside their box. The problem with hosted carts is you’re basically limited to what they’ll do. Structurally you can’t manipulate the database, you can’t manipulate the core functionality as you can with Magento. So if you sell t-shirts in small, medium, large and red, green, blue and you fulfill everything from your warehouse then Magento is not to be the right fit. It’s going to be much more costly than going with big commerce.

When is Magento the right shopping cart for your eCommerce site

When is Magento the right shopping cart for your eCommerce site

Let’s look at a complex product. For example, you sell trophies, it’s highly complex. You have different sizes, different colors, different engraving options. How many lines are on a certain engraving for one product might be different than the number lines on an engraving product. You may have the ability to upload a logo or some kind of design. Those are going to be things where you’re going to hit a wall and you’re just not going to be able to do them with a software as a service card. But Magento you can customize it to do exactly what you need. Alternatively, maybe you have a fairly complex inventory system, where you’ve got some inventory in Washington, New York, and you need to pull those and ship from a specific location based on where customer is.


Consider your options before using Magento as an enterprise eCommerce platform

We won’t deny that Magento is a stellar eCommerce solution, but will argue that it’s not the best commerce solution when you factor in things like:

  • Ongoing costs
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • The mountain on unsolved customer support tickets
  • The issue of continual updates and migrations
  • Magento’s lack of supporting technology
  • Magento’s open-source nature
  • The lack of native headless content management features

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