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Why should choose Magento for eCommerce?


Magento is known as the most popular e-commerce platform. Several big brands like Samsung, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle, Nike and millions of small and medium-sized commercial websites around the world use Magento.
Magento dominates the electronic commerce segment with a market share of nearly 26%. Magento is an open platform which means that everyone can adjust to their needs without having to pay any fee for Magento.

Basic features of Magento:

– Product management: Support image, offering many evaluation options, favorite product lists, and inventory management.

product management

– User management: Allows users to create accounts, control account status, transaction history, shopping cart, …

– Category management: Allows searching and selecting products by category.

– Warehouse management: managing import, export, quantity of inventory, …

– Payment: Providing a lot of payment methods and modules such as Paypal, credit card, ePay, CyberSource, …

payment methods

– Customer service: Provide many forms of contact with customers to comprehensive tracking.

– Support multiple languages: Allowing transactions of many different currencies.

Support searching on SiteMap.

– Allows selection of many different promotional and marketing tools (coupons, vouchers, etc.)

– Ability to integrate with Google Analytics to analyze activity and produce accurate results reports.

What are the best features of Magento?

Besides the basic features mentioned above, Magento also has many other outstanding points such as:

– Wishlists: Share information about items, provide product lists for each different user.

– Multi-store / Mall feature: Provide many shops, points of sale, and various warehouses.

– Compare products: Allows users to compare products.

compare products

– CMS system for static pages: This is a static page, built completely independent from the product system, helping to create customization for different sales and marketing campaigns.

– Bundle / Grouped / Digital products & more: Sorting by package, group, … based on the unique attributes of each product.

– Good SEO performance: Automatic optimization for search engines, built-in SEO.

– Layered / Filter navigation: Allows filters to help user easily finding products.

– Advanced searching: Provide advanced searches, which help support user navigation.

At CMSmart, we have MGT Marketplace 2. This package is the best choice for people who want to build a website like Amazon, Lazada or eBay with the unique interface, the advanced marketplace features, CRM and powerful admin management.

What made Magento outstanding?

– Magento have a lot of extensions. Which can be used for many different objects.

– Users can download Magento completely free with many extensions included.

– Mobile-Friendly. Flexible design, user-friendly and fast page loading speed.

mobile friendly

– There are many features: SEO, Marketing, checkout, site administration, …

– Users can choose different hosting solutions to improve page performance and increase sales.

– Provide information security tools, PCI data protection, CAPTCHA, … to help store goods on e-commerce sites always safe.

What is captcha

– It is possible to create a series of e-commerce websites in many countries thanks to various monetary and language support.

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