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WooCommerce vs Magento – What’s Better?


Magento vs. WooCommerce
Magento vs WooCommerce

WooCommerce and Magento proudly stand as two of the most popular eCommerce solutions.

The power jointly nearly 40% of all East doors on the web while both have their strengths and weaknesses. It becomes quite challenging for a merchant to choose the best one amongst the two.

Firstly, both Magento and WooCommerce are open source products. Consequently, they’re both initially free to use self-hosted deeply customizable and have an abundance of community help. But what makes them different then?

Magento is a content management system built specifically for eCommerce. WooCommerce is an eCommerce framework built on top of WordPress – another CMS. Therefore, you first need to install WordPress and then add a WooCommerce plugin. Talking about the installation of Magento and WooCommerce it’s quite typical.


Magento’s complexity requires significantly more powerful hosting that WooCommerce though. You might want to use a dedicated server to ensure a good store performance. Otherwise, your online retailer may ger slow and sluggish. Naturally, it will cost you extra

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Conclude the “Hosting” category, WooCommerce is the winner


Magento have MultiSore capability, Multi-language options, Complex configurable products, Layered navigation. All these and even more you will find in Magento out-of-the-box. But in WooCommerce, most of these superb features still can be obtained with the help of plugins and extensions.

Along with others,  WooCommerce has other benefits to compensate for this kind of inferiority. WooCommerce can score more in SEO due to its fast performance and impressive blogging functionality

After all, Magento is the winner for “Features” category.

Ease of Use

Magento requires times to get used to. But if you are serious about putting in a bit of effort and climb over the steep learning curve, Magento will repay off your efforts many times over.

WooCommerce puts a huge emphasis on intuitive design and navigation. Adding product in WooCommerce is quite ease. Just click on products menu then add product. You can also set up the price, write descriptions, chose the type of the product,etc…

WooCommerce strikes back and wins in ease-of-use category.



In general, since Magento is a special-purpose platform built for eCommerce. It’s considered to be more security reliable than WooCommerce. Besides, Magento store often requires fewer plugins, which, logically, reduces the number of possible security holes that can be exploited. WooCommerce is a blogging platform. Being much more widespread on the web, it becomes a victim of frauds and hacker attacks much more commonly. This can be addressed with the help of security plugins. However, it can increase your expenses and use additional resources needed for other extensions WooCommerce requires.

Once again, Magento wins the “Security” category.

Extensions & Plugins

Both Magento and WooCommerce have an unparalleled number of extensions and plugins able to power up your eCommerce. If you have a particular need, it’s likely that there’s an extension or plugin available on either platform. But WooCommerce add-ons are much cheaper and easier to use than Magento add-ons.

But the installation of extensions on Magento is not so straightforward. The face is you may need to developer to handle it out and proceed a setup correctly. The installation of a plugin depends on the extension type. There are community and commercial extensions. Community extensions are free to install.

After all, both Magento and WooCommerce are the winner on “Extensions & Plugins”


Magento is known to be the most scalable eCommerce platform. Having a decent hosting, it can handle thousands and more of products and orders with incredible ease. Magento became a perfect choice for SMEs and big sized online retailers.

Scalability system

Woocommerce can make your website feel a little clunky. So it means Woocommerce only fit for small or middle-sized with a few exceptions in the hand of professionals.

Clearly, Magento win in “Scalability” category.


Can say that’s both WooCommerce and Magento platforms offer a vast variety of beautiful, responsive and customizable. So there is no winner in “Themes” category.

Magento – Woocommerce



Both WooCommerce and Magento are free to initially, the long-term costs vary considerably.

WooCommerce requires less expensive hosting and plugins. WooCommerce also requires lower development costs.

Magento is different. Unless you stick to its out-of-the-box functionality, the costs of platform maintenance may escalate quickly. It due to expensive extensions, higher development prices, generally more expensive hosting requirements.

And the winner of Price is WooCommerce

WooCommerce vs Magento – What’s Better?

If you are running a small business with a limited budget and little developing experience. You should choose WooCommerce.

If you are medium and big-sized businesses with huge number of product and greater financial. You should choose Magento.

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CMSmart 7 solutions

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